session with my leather boytoy
Wouldnt you like to be part of MY Christmas?

Gifts Arrived

   210920102124 I am so happy with My new jewwelry that arrived recently.. I  LOVE black diamonds!  I have My small collection  already and My good puppies keep adding new delicious items :) 

This bracelet came from PH. Well done! I LOVE IT! Purchased from My amazon wish list.

The bigger the better? Certainly ! This is such an eye catcher.. Love this  cuff,came from PH as well. Purchased from My amazon wish list.  210920102127

it will go with any glamourous outfit from My wordrobe and get lots of attention..

PH - you love knowing  I wear something so glamorous , and you worked hard to get it for Me.. don't you?

And a gift I have been waiting impatiently! My COFFEE MACHINE!  OMG the taste of it.. just amazing..I highly recommend it if you like fully automatic machines.. the capuccino is just delicious! It froths the milk itself so your Princess doenst have to do anyting:)  I wake up, plug the milk container into the machine, press CAPPUCCINO..and there it just the way I LIKE IT!  came from PH, purchased of My amazon wish list.

who knows me well is well aware I LOVE coffee.. 021020102176 and I am very picky , when it comes to what I drink. My favorite coffees: LAVAZZA, ILLY, STARBUCKS, Tim HORTONS, and I like it strong.  The machine would only be better if it would make more types of coffee.. ( it makes cappuccino , macchiato , latte and regular espresso.. ) or if it came with a waiter HAHA.

Even tho I have this amazing machine now, my puppies still need to refill my Starbucks Card, because when I go shopping that is where I stop for coffee.. you DO NOT want me to pay with MY OWN CREDIT CARD.. DO YOUUUU?

I mentioned earlier I got a beautiful anklet from My new shopping slave davey. 071020102180 It is very nicely crafted in yellow gold, a chain of hearts connected together.. looks very delicate and elegant on My ankle.

I LOVE foot jewelry. Toe rings, anklets. Always a great choice for your Princess.

and last gift I am going to mention today, from andrew.. 2 books that I wanted on My wish list. 071020102182 He also got Me black wet look leggings, that look so HOT on My LEGS!  You just have to see in in your next live session.





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you have your coffee's in the complete wrong order!!!!

tim hortons in 4th???? Au contraire mon cheri!!!!!

tims = # 1!!!!!!

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