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I need to give credit to CB who has been contributing regularly and I have bought this amazing ring with his ( well MY money) well done boy! Black diamond jewelry has been my latest craze! you know that already if you have been reading My blog regularly.. and if not, then you have a lot to catch up. read the whole blog carefully until you get to know Me. The rings gets attention every time, and everyone asks me who did you get it from..:) I just smile knowingly and say.. it was a gift :) CB has been... Read more →

Sneak Preview into my new pictures LEGS PANTYHOSE FEET HIGH HEELS

Get a preview on My new photo shoots! For all leg lovers, foot , pantyhose lovers.. get these pictures before anyone else will be able to see them! I am busy so it will be a while till whole sets are can enjoy them today.. 3 pictures that will keep your mouth open and drooling:) Amateur , digital quality.. you need to have these! Read more →


Mistress has a headache.. so today especially you want to please me! go to my wish list to make me smile. Also who of my good boys has an Iphone 4? I want one... if you are availabe for an upgrade with your provider, you will get ME an Iphone 4 and email Me for details how to deliver it to Me. Read more →

Of course you would!!.. Pick an ornament from my wish list and it will hang on my Christmas tree year after year.. reminding me what a good boy you are! you can also add any of other items into the cart to lay under My tree!! There were a lot of things to be thankful for this year with Mistress Lilyan! I’m eternally grateful for the addictions I caused! for all the subs I whipped to shape! No one celebrates this holiday quite like Me! BE a PART OF IT! Go Shopping NOW ! MAJOR BLING FOR YOUR GODDESS! Read more →

I am so happy with My new jewwelry that arrived recently.. I LOVE black diamonds! I have My small collection already and My good puppies keep adding new delicious items :) This bracelet came from PH. Well done! I LOVE IT! Purchased from My amazon wish list. The bigger the better? Certainly ! This is such an eye catcher.. Love this cuff,came from PH as well. Purchased from My amazon wish list. it will go with any glamourous outfit from My wordrobe and get lots of attention.. PH - you love knowing I wear something so glamorous , and you... Read more →

what a fun session last night

I had a fun session with 'ts' , he is a money slave but also enjoys being laughed at and humilated.. he actually showed up in my free chat area and begged for My attention.. you all should know I never do anything that is not beneficial to Me, when it comes to slaves. I saw a perfect oportunity to abuse him using his own weakness in public.. for details, you should have been there! but ended up clicking for (tributing) Me 81 times .. each time he clicked , he entertained not only Me but every one else who... Read more →

time to mention davey

met davey few weeks ago.. ( I trust me marked that date in his calendar with big red latters) . He bought my yahoo ID with NF and he became my shopping slave.. davey is working really hard to earn my trust and we shall see how it goes.. so far so good davey! I have received his first gift, a beautiful gold anklet ... perfectly complimenting My foot.. I will add pictures when I switch computers .. davey reports to Me daily, and obeys My commands pretty well..cant say he always obeys, but that is what training is for... Read more →

oh what a mistake:) I wrote 4 x $500..didn't I ! it was 4X $5000 ..time to correct it.. $20 000 tributes are in fashion now!@ Wanna Join the Trendsetters and send your $20 000 ? Read more →

So I have this poor thing, so in love with his Goddess it iwas very easy to braiwash him! He is a total putty in my hands right now.. Everyy little thing in his life is focused on me..His work.. to make Me Money! his free time is not his any more.. he dedicates it to my devilish projects I have him running.. He reads my every word 100 times till it sinks into his small brain and stays there forever.. He goes to sleep listening to my recordings in a loop.. and you ask for results? here is... Read more →

New Financial Domination unrevealed!

As you may noticed I was quiet in my journal, I have been working on getting new site ready to publish! It is mostly ready now, it will be constant work and updates! I dedicate the site to my money pets who need to be controlled and brainwashed! Full of mind traps, branwashing effects, hypnotic voice that will keep you shivering ! Are you a wallet slave ? Bookmark the site right now! Read more →

80 foot fetish videos for 1 low price

LIMITED TIME!! get access to my recorded sessions.. foot fetish.. leg tease..bare feet..stockings..pantyhose... for 1 low price! some sessions have sound, some don't, but the video is very good quality, you will be drooling all over your screen... Secure payment options. GET ACCESS NOW (select FAN CLUB) from the left side menu Read more →

Own a pair of my pantyhose !

Haven't you always dreamed about being able to touch my legs when I am waring my silky pantyhose? Oh yes you have! Now you have a chance, to come as close as it gets, to your dream.. own a pair of my personally worn pantyhose.. These silky, french cut style pantyhose are so adorable, and will never let them go! They are previously worn of course! and now available for your enjoyment.. Shipping worldwide Payment: Amazon Gift Certificate, ( you can use your credit card) BID HERE Read more →

CB moneyslave

CB has been the most loyal slave ever,I believe its been 10 years now.. I have mentioned him before in my journal.. He owed me some money he promised last month.. and he delivered.. $400 in tributes . GOOD BOY! he is like a little baby, he needs my attention, otherwise he cries and whines.. haha.. he knows his life is nothing without Me so he will do anything to please ..what a good attitude:) Read more →


louie is back..he tried to escape the reality , that he is trapped ! He needs my voice so he keeps calling and draining his account .. that is why you work louie! get used to your new reality.. Read more →

Matty financial slave

matty is sweet ! he is calling me on NF listing for financial domination.. before he worked up the courage to call me live he spent hours and hours on my site and purchased about everything on my NF store.. and listened to my voice over and over.. "I am intrigued by giving over my life to such a beautiful and enticing Mistress. Each time I read the blackmail consent form I can't help but become excited." "The dangling shoe video has been rerun on my computer all day and, if it weren't for my desire to earn money for... Read more →

Andrew paypig

Andrew is so fucked up.. comes to be about once a month begging to abuse him and take advantage of him..after he tributed 15 times...I sent him to my wish list, he cried he would not be able to afford any bag that is listed there.. oh well.. low limit spenders haha! he got 2 books and wet look leggings.. he will droll and spend even more once he will see me in these.. When Andrew talks to me, he is usually in front of his computer with his wife sleeping behind him.. I often wonder is she knows what... Read more →

What a fun week! I took some time to record new clips / videos and shoot some pictures for my site and store ( they will be available soon ) . I loved to pose to my camera knowing what effect it will have on you! How weak you get watching me on your screen, and how you need more and more.. I know! I will be sending a special email to all of my NF followers with a peek into the new shoots.. If you are not on my NF list yet, make sure you call me or purchase... Read more →