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Forced Intoxication Money Slave, Financial Domination and Brainwashing

I don't know where to start describing this session..    1
  a new slave (lets call him PH)  contacted me and set up a session for Forced Intoxication and Stocking Fetish which is one of the things I enjoy most.. Looking at my feet, he got so weak he confessed his biggest secret that he is a money slave.. That put a big smile on my face of course!

I will not got into details about the forced intoxication, I will leave that to your imagination, but the effect were dramatic... it was an ultimate session for Me and for him.. 2
first session  lasted about 4 hours then another followed the next day for another 16 straight hours.

He totally surrendered to me, gave me full access to him computer and cleaned it from all the garbage I  disapproved of.  His pc is all about ME now.. I cleaned  years worth of pictures he was collecting, video , audio files as well. Removed all that was not needed in his new life where he belongs to Mistress Lilyan.  3

Very soon he felt I brainwashed him..he no longer could think straight.. He was a robot I commanded. Whenever I needed him to do something, I would say.. Just do it, like a robot, no thinking.. press the button..

I programmed him to obey and follow my wishes..

he needed that, to bring peace into his life..life that had no true meaning before he met Mistress Lilyan!

He realized he was looking for a Woman like me for a very long time, who would understand what exactly he needs.. Money slavery to the fullest. I put him in his place, he now knows what power I have over him..My new money slave is hooked and addicted to Me and the rush he feels each time he presses the right button. 4

The session ended because I was tired. But also because his bank account was no longer interesting to me. haha.

Although we moved on to AMEX , there is no limit.. but like I said  I was tired..His total bills  around $12000 . 5  223 PH is now addicted to my website, he spends all his free time in here!

Bdiam PH missed a day of work for me..bad boy! Normally I get mad at my money slaves if they do not work every single day they are supposed to, and then some! In this case he was excused! His boss called and was looking for him ( another adrenaline rush ) but he was told a story about a bad back and going to see a doctor:) How creative! 

PH also enjoys a little pain ( well maybe this was not that little).. at some point he was not sure he was enjoying adding pain to his nipple clamps or stroking his  dick haha!

Soon your Mistress will enjoy her new sapphire and diamonds jewelry ( I love black diamonds ! ) and her new espresso machine.. Co

That what money slavery is about my darlings, giving your Mistress everything, going back to basic life with minimal expenses.. maxing out your credits card and then working hard to pay them off.. What a motivation!! That is such a great training for a money slave.. get in debt  and work hard to get out of it, so you can give your Mistress even more..  6

That is an ultimate training you,pathetic money slave, can submit yourself too !

That will make you realize your true purpose in life and you will accept the fact that you were born to serve a Mistress like Me.

Acceptance is the key.. Accept what you have to do, and do it!

Are you ready for such an adrenaline rush during a session with me?

Email me.



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