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I have received this envelope as a total submission from my money slave ( mark).. for him financial slavery is a full commitment to his Goddess and he promised me a while ago to start a new account and put his hard earned $$ into it,instead of spending it on himself ( how lame would that be) . He started the savings account after he was trained by listening to my voice over and over. He purchased whisper control and knew he found what he was looking for.. a Princess that he was going to spoil every way possible. I... Read more →

I don't know where to start describing this session.. a new slave (lets call him PH) contacted me and set up a session for Forced Intoxication and Stocking Fetish which is one of the things I enjoy most.. Looking at my feet, he got so weak he confessed his biggest secret that he is a money slave.. That put a big smile on my face of course! I will not got into details about the forced intoxication, I will leave that to your imagination, but the effect were dramatic... it was an ultimate session for Me and for him.. first... Read more →

Mistress Lilyan in pantyhose

I love wearing pantyhose.. from very early on I have been taught that an elegant woman never shows her bare legs and wears pantyhose or stockings. I love how they make my legs look, and how they feel when I cross my legs. Pantyhose is one of my favorites things to wear , especially in fall and winter. But also in summer those very sheer ones, add nice tanned look to my legs, without making me to hot. My favorite are RHT , there is just something so sexy about that style..and if you add the line in the back..... Read more →

I have a new boytoy, an aspiring leather slut! I took my new boytoy shopping and this is what we got! Gorgeous leather long stiletto boots from Casare Paciotti. I love them! I have always loved stiletto shoes , especially sling backs, mules and boots. Size 40 european. We also got black opera gloves in leather, with silk lining..The silk inside..mmmm what a great idea! I think he will be a good useful boytoy, and I should add some awesome pieces to me leather collection. I am planning to use his leather addiction to the fullest and have a good... Read more →

hair fetish news!

while on vacation I got an amazing hair treatment! It did to my hair exactly what i hoped for and I am hooked.. my hair never been softer ( although it was pretty soft already!) or silkier in touch.. I went thru hell for 2 days, not being able to wash my hair nor take a shower, while the treatment was on my hair.. I needed to avoid the heat, moisture and such, for it to work its best.. but now I am in hair heaven! calling all hair fetish boys.. want to keep me happy? pay for my next... Read more →