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hypnotized him

one of my favorite fetishes is HAIR FETISH ! I love to excersize my power over my subbie by brushing, touching my hair, hypnotizing him to the point I have full control over him ( and his wallet in this case)... but I wanted to challenge myself and try to introduce this particular slave to a new fetish he never enjoyed before.. FOOT FETISH... Slowly session by session I would hypnotize him with my feet and dangling movement, it would go straight to his brain and slowly to his cock too! :) he is now my new foot subbie as... Read more →

taking over the pc of my little dick subbie

this subbie was really scarred of me taking over his pc.. he danced around the idea , that seemed so exciting but also scary to him for a month I think.. finally he got the guts to let me in.. I enjoyed myself, of course, I always do! He was thrilled after the first session , he was back the next day for another one! Now $300 later he is saving for another session of me getting into his secrets! (my oh my the pictures he stored on his pc.. I felt really sorry when I saw him naked.. )... Read more →

Update on your Mistress

Since I came back from vacation, I have been in a very relaxed mood , enjoying the summer! I am loving my foot servants cam sessions, when they serve me as my foot stool, while I relax, read a book or sip some nice colorful drink! That is exactly what a Mistress' life should be like..relaxing, carefree.. I have changed my toe nail polish from red to black with a layer of gold, looks yummy! Also there is more interest in pantyhose fetish with my NF lines, I love pantyhose and talking about it.. especially with Erik, he has some... Read more →

I am finally home:) right in time to celebrate my birthday:) I had a wonderful time traveling with my girlfriends , some lucky ones will get the pictures! xoxx Read more →