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$999 tribute

slave john just tributed $999 via NF, what a good boy! He is saving for a down payment for my first house! He begged me to take it all, the max I could request at once was $999, I was not sure if he had the balls to press the send button, but here we are, he did..what a good boy! Be sure I will continue to send him the bills till my down payment is sufficient enough! Do you want to tribute towards that precious first house of Mine? You can do it right here. or via tributes on... Read more →


Sitting here eating strawberries, yum! I am very excited about this summer. I have not had any plans for a log time, and all of the sudden seems like my June and July are packed with fun and adventures! I already pack my luggage in my mind, putting outfits and shoes together for different occasions:) I do that, but I never pack till last minute ! if my plane leaves at 10 am, I will get up early and pack like crazy , rather than pack 1 or 2 days ahead..because there is always something that keeps me busy! I... Read more →

Update on my busy life

I have not written for a while, but I have been busy with sessions and training my puppies and allowing my devoted servant to worship me. It has been a really busy month, welcome new worshipers, slaves and admirers. I am happy to announce that I have booked my exotic vacation in Tunisia! I am very excited leaving on June 19 and coming back 24th ,not long enough but that is what me and my girlfriends could arrange for a really good deal to kick the summer off.Any of you ever been to Tunisia? Have a look! It will be... Read more →