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for all ATM slaves, look and learn! message from my newest paypet : Message to MistressLilyan:i hope this is okay but i have taken the liberty of sending You a $200 Amazon gift token - i hope that is okay, i am sorry if i have been disobedient. He just got on the ignore line, as I post this, he is on his knees listening to me type ,how entertaining. Right after all of his minutes are gone, he will go to my wish list. He begged for this privilege to buy me beautiful things.. I think he may be... Read more →

poor slaves

If you have a lot of free time on your hands, time to invest it! I updated the Poor Slaves page Start taking surveys, and get paid for opening emails. Every slave should dedicate at least 30 min a day for surveys for Mistress. Earn and Spoil Me! Its free to join, so what are you waiting for? And I am disappointing with your voting activities! I asked all of you to vote daily! that takes 5 minutes, and I notice many of you have been neglecting this privilege to serve Me. Mistress Lilyan Read more →

My New ATM Slave

Message to MistressLilyan: "Most Beautiful Mistress Lilyan i am a 49 year old divorcee from Scotland - and i love dominant women. I especially lve women with dark hair and dominant outlook - over the last 30 years, I think the sexiest women have been Joan Collins, Victoria Beckham, and Eva Longoria. i love beautiful women - and you are a beautiful woman. My fetishes are: money slavery; chastity slavery, worshipping beautiful shoes, being pimped out as a cock sucker to make money for my Mistress and generally being treated like something of no worth to Mistress except as a... Read more →