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We are giving away FREE TOKENS and Reserved Nick Names! Starting Thursday April 29th, 2010 we will begin giving away 100 tokens PER DAY through Friday April 30th, 2010. Every token you purchase each day during the giveaway period gives you one entry into the giveaway for that day, random customers will then be selected to receive FREE TOKENS and Reserved Nick Names! My Room . Click Here Get your account, login to a private session with me and then vote for me! I will be on tonight! Read more →

Ignore Line

I opened a new Line..IGNORE LINE!! you call, I pick it up.. and then you will be lucky if you hear my voice.. I will go on with my routines: shopping, watching TV,talking to my girlfriends,doing yoga..while you are being put at your place, being IGNORED. you will be lucky if you hear my voice.. Make sure you introduce yourself: Hello Mistress.this is... YOUR NAME.... calling to be IGNORED!! I may be listening to you , so you better be chanting some worship lines, and clicking on my ppv buttons.. or emptying my wish list! Great line if you are... Read more →

My week update

This week I met a cute boi from Ireland, but so sad! Oh, imagine, he is a young 19 years old boi but he will not get aroused without sending Me money! How convenient for Me, isn't it? So in 30 min chat with him, I kept sending him bills to pay that came up to around $400.. He loves my feet and my panties , and he is getting none of that before he fills up his cc again:) On top of all that, he was chatting to me from an internet cafe.. How desperate! That is what I... Read more →

watch me tease my slave

Watch my clip teasing my slave: click here 31:03 27 views Fem Dom, Stockings, And Feet! Added on April 9, 2010, originally recorded on March 18, 2010. Editor's Comments:Lilyan teases you with panties and feet and tell you what to do. See her suck on her finger and stroke the top of her panties. Letting her shoe dangle right at the camera, you see her toes and heels right at your face. Take her instructions and get off to her humiliating you! It's femdom to the fullest! VIEW RECORDING Read more →

What a sweet , good boy

very busy day! Added some Free Games to the site, to keep you busy and out of trouble haha! Not really! While I was doing that, I received this interesting email.. at first sounds like 100's of others I get on regular basis... but I gave him a little run around , and tested him.. he actually proved himself worthy and tributed as soon as requested. Lets call him ChM from now on. Potential Slave I watch a lot of the channels on You Tube but this is the first time I feel compelled to serve. So many gorgeous women,... Read more →

PayPal Tributes

Plenty of you have been contacting Me, requesting paypal as a form of tributing. Here you go! You can purchase gift certificates with paypal right here (Send them to Designer Sales Gift Certificate or Zappos - World of Luxuries Read more →

niteflirt phone session with Mistress Lilyan and other updates

a little insight into my night.. my sub4goddess is back, he cannot stay away form my gorgeous legs too long! got him nice and drunk while we talked. got him dressed up nice and girly for me.. he will be back very soon.. ********* met a new tiny dick today..oh he feels so pathetic, he needs to justify his existence by tributing to me.. and he is so right!The shorter you are, the more you send! Simple! ******** also den ordered a tattoo machine, oh I am looking forward to this new tattoo of his..My Name of course!! He will... Read more →


so loserluie has been spending countless hours staring all over this page reading his public humiliation, and he loved it! He repeatedly admitted to me that he is such a loser.. he knows it well, especially when I make him repeat it over and over.. Today he could not stop himself from shopping my flirt store "She has broken me. i am helplessly trying to resist, now, but i cannot. i am not sure what i am going to do . . . . so i keep being broken by Goddess." Purchased item after item, now he has enough material... Read more →

I’ve been going through some new wallets like crazy! A new loser , who started from my foot fetish videos on Talk Sugar called..Go ahead see what broke him! My Bare feet close, you can almost smell them.. will make you weak in your knees! Bare foot, black shoe dangle.. Can you handle it? SMART MOVE, LOSER! After contacting Me for the very first time, he kept calling me all day long, I think 10 times! He could not even sleep.. he was BRAINWASHED by my hypnotic voice.. he kept calling back, while I kept rising per minute rates, and... Read more →

Gifts from den and robbie arrived. Always welcome! I have also added new pictures sets to my store, look at the new widget on the right side menu. Collect them all ! I have been busy with some family matters so I have not updated in a little while, hope you missed me! Read more →