I own him now

Your Princess Was Busy!

Quite busy !
 Robbie is back, that white collar moneypig, that stupid loser is all hooked and I made sure he will be fucked over well, for disobeying my payment schedule I put him on when he first called me a while ago. He is paying LOSER TAX, over and over again as his form of begging for forgiveness.

I allowed him a little pleasure- going to my wish list and looking at all these pretty things he could buy me, if that stupid loser had enough money! Well, he picked a nice robe for me. GOOD BOY! That was his Robe pleasure for the day! He also paid CUM TAX< even without cumming, cos he was not allowed. I kept his dick on ice , all the time he was on the phone with me.


I put the curious slave in chastity yesterday. He is all locked up and sending the keys to me. He got his contract yesterday, and as soon as he signs it, returns to me with the keys he is on!  I will have a great amount of fun teasing his locked up dick, when he cannot even get it hard :) Pure cruelty! I know!



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Mistress Lilyan never forgets. She will hunt you down and make sure you pay every single dollar you owe her for her attention. Thank You Mistress

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