todd MoneySlave
Happy Easter

this week's update

robbie loves to be used, he knows he is just a wallet to me, but he craves my attention.. he called me the other day  to hear my voice, he missed it.. He played my PPV game till the end.. well done.. and then went shopping for Me. That's a good day! Then, he was sent back to work.. to earn more for his greedy Goddess.

steve is addicted to my voice, he called again, missing it.. he admitted he has been watching my video and listening to my voice over and over.. that is how I program your brain steve! keep on listening.. but I was not happy with todays call. Loser! you know why! 

CB is begging me to send my panties to his wife

CB is such an attention whore, but a loyal moneyslave, for last 8 years! well done good boy.keep on adding these point, I will cash them in this week :) keep on whispering the subliminal line to your wife when she is asleep.. program her to be my paypig as well.

SteppedOn, loser! you did not finish the game!  You deserve the blue balls I gave you!

john has been obsessing over my feet, I know they are amazing, my high arches ,beautiful toes,john is hooked!   don't miss My Feet Addict Brainwash video montage john..

I know you all crave to be a part of my life, even if just by reading my posts and tributing to Me.

I gave a bath to my puppy today, doesn't he look adorable? He is !  When I call you290320101996 my puppy, you should feel honored!
You should spoil him as well, there are items on amazon I totally need for him ;)

I love to spoil him.. err have you spoil both if us!

Now, I believe you took enough time of your day to read the blog, go to work now puppy.. I expect you to be tributing soon! You know that is what makes your Mistress HAPPY!


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