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robbie loves to be used, he knows he is just a wallet to me, but he craves my attention.. he called me the other day to hear my voice, he missed it.. He played my PPV game till the end.. well done.. and then went shopping for Me. That's a good day! Then, he was sent back to work.. to earn more for his greedy Goddess. steve is addicted to my voice, he called again, missing it.. he admitted he has been watching my video and listening to my voice over and over.. that is how I program your brain... Read more →

Todd has been saving for a while, to get me this TV. Not just a TV.. 3d LED TV that blows my mind when it comes to the picture quality, and I am not a person who gets easily impressed. It comes with a 3d starter kit, including 2 pair of glasses, blue ray player ( high time to have one!) and a dvd. Well done todd.. todd has been saving , by selling his belongings on ebay for me. I have watched his progress and we were both having fun, when bids were going up and up, especially on... Read more →

Taking over his pc

He is so addicted, as soon as he gets his cc paid down a little bit he gets so anxious, it is so cute! How could I deny him the pleasure? I log to his PC and let myself have fun.. I check how well he is doing with his email account ( not too much porn spam? haha) and of course I go shopping. Gift certificates and Amazon Wish List this time. Gotta Love Canadians:) if you wish to have your pc taken over, you need to become my moneyslave first. The bigboy game will come in time for... Read more →

I expect you to financially contribute to My life of leisure every day. I love to be properly honored on a regular basis. I love to SHOP! You love to let me SHOP and PAMPER myself! Money Slave Assignment :Start from a $5 gift certificate from Amazon, and then return daily to increase the amount you send. How high will you go, it quickly gets addictive! I wonder who the biggest Loser will BE! Listen to instructions: Biggest Loser Instructions Gift Certificates: Send to
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Foot Mistress

Foot Fetish I am your foot Goddess. worship my feet regularly to please me.Sign up for updates and follow me on twitter. I have been into foot fetish for years and years, I love the effect my feet have on you! The trans you can get in when looking at the videos, how weak you get..and beg for more! See special album for Feet Lovers Here I love telling you what to do with my feet, how to worship them and pamper them. I recorded a voice message for you to listen to, when you want to learn what pleases... Read more →

Your hard earned cash!

Snail Mail Tributes and Letters I LOVE GETTING MAIL FROM MY puppies You can send me a real letter with your words of admiration to my PO BOX! SEND ME your hard-earned cash by mail,this is my favorite tribute method. I accept all currencies, so empty your wallet to the envelope right now. remember to secure envelopes and packages... using tracking numbers for snail mail or with secure mail services like ups, fedex, dhl To qualify for this privilege, you need to purchase at least 1 item on my Neiman Marcus WishList. My Mailing Address will be then emailed to... Read more →

I own him now

Robbie begged Me to accept him as a continuous paypet, as my property. Well he is such a slut I am not sure I should give him this privilege.. I had to clean out his yahoo account, and his NF account as well. Total disaster what I found there.. all good now! He is not allowed to change his password.. Or ELSE!! If you want to serve me, fill out the INTERVIEW on the Home page. Read more →

Quite busy ! Robbie is back, that white collar moneypig, that stupid loser is all hooked and I made sure he will be fucked over well, for disobeying my payment schedule I put him on when he first called me a while ago. He is paying LOSER TAX, over and over again as his form of begging for forgiveness. I allowed him a little pleasure- going to my wish list and looking at all these pretty things he could buy me, if that stupid loser had enough money! Well, he picked a nice robe for me. GOOD BOY! That was... Read more →


Today a very good day... I was taking a lovely bubble bath, with wonderful oils and relaxing salt in the water.. I was feeling so good, the jets were massaging my legs and back.. Love my luxurious tub I bought 2 years ago! They paypiggy Steve called.. Loved it, my rate was higher while I was taking a bath for that special reason :) Steve was lovely making me feel so good as I almost heard the $$ draining form his account.. Not sure at this point what was more pleasurable, the bubble bath or his account melting... Then this... Read more →

Want to be my money slave?

So you want to me MY money slave, cash cow, pay piggy?You have to realize that you are unworthy of Me if you do not bring all your hard-earned cash to Me so I can enjoy the luxurious lifestyle I deserve. You work while I shop and play! My life concentrates on Me Myself and Money! You are my wallet and I want will work to keep it full ! You call me often ,or if you are a shy pay pig you tribute me often! That is the essence of your existence. you go to work every day, and... Read more →

Calls outside US and Canada

TalkSugar allows calls from all over the world. Create Free account and get 5 min free to try it out. You can use your own phone number to connect or set up a new one via Skype (blue banner below). NF is only allowing you to call me if you are in US or Canada. If you want to call me, but you are located outside US or CANADA: You can either sign up for a SkypeIn or Yahoo Phone number service and get an US based phone number, then you use it with NF service. Or reply back to... Read more →

You read the stories of me taking over the PC.. and you got curious and wishing your computer was taken over by ME,didn't you? To be a part of my day, while I go shopping on your tab while you watch and there is nothing you can do about it..Just shake and sweat while I am doing it! I will sit on my end giggling and having fun with your hard earned $$ that belong to me anyway! If you want more info on this session, get it here Attention: If you are from outside US or Canada, leave a... Read more →

I love Italian Fashion! Today you have a chance to tribute to my love! This one is like winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics.. Yes Mistress Knowing you are delivering the best there is for me and you are actually doing something exciting in your life. I know your life, boring job, everyday is the same, boring friends who you cant stand any more, because you need to rush home to see if I updated my site. Nothing exciting any more in your sorry life, well, I am here now! tribute to my Dolce & Gabbana spending spree and... Read more →

This charming southern boy was my shoe foot admirer, stockings and dangling was his thing, until he read about the dark side of me HAHA! He got curious:) So he contacted me about pc takeover after reading my posts. I was easy on him, since it was his first time, and he was in a curious stage, but sure it was pleasant:) I was wondering if he ate the hook, and be back for more.. Sure thing, the next day, he contacts me about being put in chastity.. Maybe there is an inner slave in you too? Email me or... Read more →

Consensual Blackmail

Consensual Blackmail is a slave surrendering to what he really wants. You WILL sign a contract. You WILL provide Me with all info I need. Financial stuff: We will decide terms when we talk. Yes, you will pay Me for the service. Personal information: Yes, you will prove who you are. You WILL prove your identity. Personal relationships: Yes, I will know about your friends and your employment and home. Personal secrets: Yes, you will tell Me. Financial stuff: we will decide terms when we talk. Yes, you will pay Me for the service. You will receive pay per view... Read more →

It is a lovely feeling when they get addicted and let me know they need more! So I took his pc over again! D in Canada, he gets the shakes when he sees me sending money from his account to mine , then I went online to my wish list and added 2 items to his cart and sent them to me. not much, but enough to make me smile! I am sure he will be back soon! Read more →