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Have you heard about NIA? it is a mix of jazz dance, martial arts, bits of yoga.. I have tried 1 lesson this week and I think I will go for more. Nia Promotional Video 2005 from Nia Technique on Vimeo. I liked this form of dancing,sometimes it felt little goofy! but who cares:0 I like that the club is bringing all these trends to me. I love love dancing! Read more →

hi guys , today I am scheduled to start at 4 am my time, but I mat be 2 2.5h late.. I will still stay 4 h no matter what time I start! I started fitness training ! So much fun! I know it messes up my schedule because I needed to adjust to the classes but it also gives more variety so more of you can find some days that suit you better than ever:) Hope so! Read more →