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What is your favorite moment while being on DreamHouseLive? Uhh...I do not even know where to start. I want let you in on a little secret: DreamHouseLive is its own whole world, where I do not just spend fun time, but it is a place where I live, meet different people, and find friends. This is a place where my body and soul feel very comfortable and pleased. That is why when I am asked where I am from, I say...From Flirtland... When I am online, I do not think about the other parts of my life; I am only... Read more →

Elessara is the Model of the Week for the week of June 2nd through June 8th. She is a queen in the fetish world on Flirt, with a sexual soul and a stunning body. It is tough to resist her charms, especially if you gaze into her geogeous eyes. Be sure to watch her live room to see all the amazing things Elessara can do to herself and to you! It will be hard to come up with a request that Elessara will not be up for. She has more sexy toys and outfits than you will know what to... Read more →