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As i re-watch the session now, I'm so surprised that it was only a little over 30 minutes! She did so much to my mind in such a short time. She wore black stockings and the sexiest red dress that hugged her wonderful curves. Her makeup was exquisitely applied and I loved her earrings and bracelets too. While i'm usually into shoes, they were lovely too and complimented her outfit perfectly. Absolute class all the way. As soon as the session started she started to interrogate me. Ask me questions about my life, my fetishes, my weaknesses. Then she used... Read more →

I might get into trouble for this but i must be honest. I first met Goddess Lilyan on DreamHouseLive. For those of you who don't know, DHL automatically records private sessions as an archive that the member can re-watch as much as they like. Obviously, Goddess would not approve of me watching our session as much as i like so the rules are i'm supposed to send a small payment for each time i watch and (i think) ask for her permission before viewing the session again. I got money available for sessions today and I couldn't resist re-watching our... Read more →

Tomorrow will be my 2nd session with Goddess Lilyan and the 1st planned session. The fact that it's planned is significant for 2 reasons. The first reason is that for the first session i was caught by surprise by Goddess' beauty and was overcome by it. This made me weak and perhaps easier to control. For tomorrow's session i will (hopefully) be better prepared. The second reason it's significant is that Goddess now knows more about me and my weaknesses and can therefore exploit them. For the first session I was putty in Goddess' hands. She had me under her... Read more →

Was not sure if I should post about it , or just keep it separate from the world I am offering you guys.. But this is part of me so I decided to share and hope for your understanding. As some of you may know I have 4 yorkies, my oldest one is 16 and just gotten very sick last week.. It took priority in my life, over my schedule. That will explain why you could not catch me on line as much as scheduled. Yesterday, after 2 visits to the vet, and ultrasound he was diagnosed with liver cancer.... Read more →

Here are 10 reasons why Goddess Lilyan has had such a profound impact on me in the space of a week: 1. Her legs Let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. I'm definitely a "leg guy" and Goddess Lilyan has the most perfect legs i've ever seen. I can say with all honesty that i doubt i'll ever see anything as perfect. Her thighs are the part i get particularly drawn to. However, much like Lilyan's other features, there's so much more to it rather than just her legs being sexy... Having the assets is only... Read more →

Slave Dave confessions part 2

OK so this post will probably be rather long but i'll try to keep it concise. If i'm going to document my supposed surrender of my life to Goddess Lilyan then probably the best way to start is to talk about what my life is like now. I've decided that i don't want to reveal private information about myself because I want to remain anonymous. Not just for myself but for people who my actions may effect. I know that many slaves enjoy giving out personal details for blackmail and things like that but while it's something i find interesting... Read more →

So.... I am going to give it my best! I will admit that I have not been on any particular schedule with my phone lines, and I understand that can be very hard to catch me or figure out when to expect me to be available. I have been very good at keeping my CAM SCHEDULE though! I update it weekly, usually late Sunday or Monday for the current week. CAM Schedule As far as my PHONE LINES go, I will send out an email with phone plan for the following week. I will also post it on my twitter... Read more →

Slave Dave confessions ..part 1

Introduction So this is the beginning... Of what i can't say exactly but i do have some idea i think. However, i get the feeling that when i go back and read this first blog post sometime down the track I'll feel like in retrospect i had no idea how deep i was going to get. It's been one week since i first met Goddess Lilyan. I'll go into the exact details of our first encounter later but let's just say for now I wandered innocently into her room and she proceeded to identify my weaknesses and start to make... Read more →

Once in a while I will be taking calls all night long under a AFTER HOURS special event. The rates will be higher though ( obviously ) but if this is the only time you can play, still sooo worth it! Click PHONE tab on the top for my links. So tonight , regular rates till 11 PM EST ( New York) and then switching to AFTER HOURS rates. Thursday calls will be on starting 5PM est till 11 PM + after hours special 11PM - 6 AM Friday : 8 am till 2 pm , after 2 pm :... Read more →

Popper sniffing calls are one of my favorites and I am always looking forward to those when I turn my phone lines on ! I have recorded custom clips for my popper sniffing sissies before but never a sniffing to my delicious cleavage! I have had plans to record popper instruction video clips for a long time , just never had the chance until yesterday! I will be releasing it this Friday! So stay tuned and here is a little preview : I will be uploading this new clip to my clips stores on IwantClips and NF goodies If you... Read more →

My cries to be released get ignored but I understand. I am here for Mistresses amusement. She dictates what is happening in my world. She consumes and knows what is right for me. Moments later I think this is the last time I tell myself as I drift back to my normal self. No more poppers after this, no more forced intoxication. A part of me just wants to escape and then Mistress Lilyan grabs hold of me. She commands me to pour myself a shot followed by another shot. ‘’Sniff, sniff, sniff’’ and I'm easily pulled back into her... Read more →

He is standing, his face in the corner when she enters. Lilyan can see only his back. A steel collar around his throat, a heavy chain leading down to steel cuffs pulling his wrists up behind him, steel shackles at his ankles... And bare skin. He does not turn as she approaches him from behind, her heels tapping against the floor. He can not. A short chain from his collar to the wall makes him stare into the corner like an errant boy. Lilyan comes up behind him and runs her hand over his bare bottom. Leaning in close to... Read more →

My heart starts to race. ‘’Keep sniffing ____’’ My mind begins to melt as she says my name. ‘’Good boy _____’’ My eyes shutter and I feel weaker and weaker. I slowly come back to reality and Mistress crushes it. I’m ordered to take it to the next level and get more fucked up for Mistress. I love this right? I'm not a victim, I volunteered. I follow her orders mindlessly not thinking of any consequences. I can feel my cage throbbing almost crying to escape. Mistress Lilyan knows that brown bottle is my weakness and she knows the perfect... Read more →