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I love to chat! I know many of you do not have the privacy for calls or video sessions. Chat time can be as intense and also discrete. This post is going to explain the difference in chat options for you. They are all good just vary to some extent , depends on your needs. Links will open in a new window. SextPanther Chat -Love this option as it immediatelly shows on my phone! as a text message and I can directly answer from my phone. Fast and Easy, you will get an answer as soon as it is possible.... Read more →

Royal Birthday Celebration! ADDICTION and BLACKMAIL GAME So.. your dick started tingling when you see a new post? If you have been in my web for a while, you know what I expect of you for my Birthday! Perhaps you are so ADDICTED to me you cannot live without me? Show me the love! On this special day I want to feel all of my GOOD BOYS and GIRLS send me all the love from all over the world! This is the time when you show me your appreciation, your devotion and admiration. Spoil your Goddess with a tribute of... Read more →

Poppers and Intox : Mastercard and Visa Restrictions.

Hello! This is not good news for popper or intox lovers. Mastercard and visa are now causing clip sites to remove all intox clips .I know at least one porn site (pornhub) did remove them a few months ago for the same reason. IWC has removed all of my intox clips already. I do not want to go into the politics of it, just bringing it to your attention. Nothing has been happening to my NF/ Clips4Sale/AVN intox/ poppers goodies at this moment, but I believe this is just a matter of time ( hope I am wrong) but just... Read more →

Ready for my PPV ? It is so much fun, you are going to forget everything else around you and immerse yourself into mindfucking pleasure of 1on1 interaction with me! OMG!! hear me saying your name with my sexy accent, in a one of a kind bonus audio! you are going to be hooked! It will drill into your brain along side the clips, unforgettable experience.. keep reading to learn how. you will get 1 min video clips on your specified category ( mix is also possible ) 1. CLEAVAGE TEASE 2. FOOT FETISH BARE 3. FOOT FETISH NYLONS 3.... Read more →

It's that time of the year again! my darling robots, sissies , paypiggs and subs. Aren't you blessed that every single one of you have ME in your life to celebrate this wonderful , ohhh so romantic day ? you should not need any other reasons to spoil me! but if you get thrilled just thinking about being blackmailed but do you really want to do it? As always it is consensual. If you chose not to follow the rules you every bit of info I have collected from our conversations or emails are at risk. Yes! The same info... Read more →

Since you are here you are very curious about how to start the adventure of being blackmailed by Mistress Lilyan.. I know you are eager but probably scared so I think you should start with getting familiar with some of my blackmail fantasy content created based on my interactions with my contracted blackmail slaves as well as those who run scared.. When you think you are ready for this next step , a BLACKMAIL CONTRACT, find it in links below. it will give you a better idea what you may get yourself into. No strings attached, YET. Below you will... Read more →

This is a schedule for May 31- June 6 30 2021 in EST time zone ( I will be taking time off June 11-30) only available for contracted subs and those solid regulars. Cam sessions mentioned in schedule available via my cam platform only. If you want a DISCORD cam session- it must be pre booked 24 h in advance ( prepaid ) NEW: I will keep on phone when driving, sometimes I spend 1h at a time in a car and some of you requested this opportunity to call. If you call and I happen to be driving ,... Read more →

Welcome to 2021! Pandemic or not I am closing this year with a feeling of accomplishments and fully energized to start next year with my minions. Are you ready? So you want to serve me this year? If you are new to my world, be warned it may have you addicted in no time.. This new year I want to focus on: ~My fetish phone lines, expand my reach and trap even more of you into my web, with my brilliant mind and a sexy European accent that drills into your brain with such ease... you can only understand it... Read more →

Read carefully.. The Holiday time is one of my favorite parts of the year! The lights in the city , the decorations in my house all puts my in very festive mood! you however can make it even better ! what you do matters! Especially after surviving 2020 and the pandemic, we need to celebrate with a BANG! Perfect time to show that you worship me and COMMIT yourself to me. No matter what is going on in your life at the moment, your priorities are set right- Mistress Lilyan's holiday mood! Perfect time to strengthen our Domme/sub relationship. Perfect... Read more →

Hello everyone! Some of you celebrated Thanksgiving just a few days ago and I love this day! As a European we do not have it as part of our history but this resonates with me so much. I am a very positive person with a lot of blessings in my life that I am grateful for every day. I also do not believe in coincidences. So.. these thoughts brought me here with the need to write to you minions. If you are here, this is not a coincidence, you found me, and this is a start ( or an ongoing... Read more →

He could not stop fantasizing of that, every woman he met online, he imagined that She might be the one to ruin him. Like so many wannabes, he too chatted with Women on cam on the same subject while they moved their legs hypnotically….and after he ejaculated, he returned to his mundane life, only to come back when he had the urge. Yes, he had spent quite some money this way, over the years, but nothing too serious. He was just playing, not really committing, and he also did not think much of the money he had spent. After all,... Read more →

One of my findom clips focus on training , so if you are new walletslave to my world and want to learn how financial domination operates this is a great clip. Even experienced moneyslaves will get weak and triggered to serve. One of my money slavery addicts, in his own words expresses the power of this video clip: "When watching this clip i realized a big change has happened in me. i consider this clip as Your answer to my prayer. But if i had watched it a year ago i probably would have scared badly. Until now my biggest... Read more →

I created this blog post to help my submissives decide what platform they want to use. I have been a big fan of the new adult friendly social media alternative to Twitter! Twitter has been shadow banning SW ( sex workers) , deleting their content for a long time now. I used to put daily effort and time into my Twitter account so you guys feel connected and feel my presence. However when I face the fact that this work can be deleted without explanation, I started searching for my options. First, I signed up for Onlyfans. I made a... Read more →

There are 50 shades of financial domination and the moods, feelings that come with it. On both sides. From nurturing to greedy and ruthless FinDommes, and subs desiring to feel used on many different levels. Often humiliation is one of those feelings that a walletslave will crave. I focused on humiliation my potential moneyslave in this clip. Putting that paypig in his place, so he knows where he stands with me. his life is now simple, organized and therefore easy to follow. (Click image to PLAY GIF preview. The quality of preview is much lower than the actual clip! )... Read more →